Estate planning is something that should be a life-long process. Unfortunately, many people leave it until the last minute or rely upon a hastily drafted will that is soon forgotten to meet their needs. A competent estate planning attorney from Chhokar Law Group can provide you with whatever guidance you may need, from drafting a simple will to more sophisticated estate planning structures. 

A Full-Service Estate Planning Law Firm

At Chhokar Law Group, we have extensive experience helping clients develop personalized estate plans tailored to their unique needs. We can provide sound estate planning advice beyond preparing form documents. We help our clients plan for the future in every aspect of their lives by providing access to the following tools: 

We can help you evaluate your needs and organize your priorities. We can then work with you to develop a comprehensive estate plan to help you reach all your estate planning goals. 

The Benefits of Careful Estate Planning

Working with an experienced estate planning firm is an investment in your family’s security. Ideally, the representation should be built on a long-term relationship so that your lawyer can assist you in updating your estate plan as you move through life. Working with the right estate planning firm can yield tremendous dividends for your family for generations to come. 

Careful Estate Planning Allows You to Control How Your Assets Are Distributed

Without an estate plan, your assets will be distributed to your heirs according to California’s intestacy laws. Most people understand this and will, therefore, at least have a basic will. The problem is that even basic estate planning can fail to serve your intentions adequately. Ambiguities, conflicting language, and other defects in the will itself can give rise to unnecessary challenges. Furthermore, how you choose to distribute your assets can give rise to conflicts that can create delays and increase administration costs. An experienced estate planning attorney can ensure your documents are clear and properly executed and guard against conflicts and unexpected outcomes. 

Careful Estate Planning Can Protect Your Assets

Many people will over-focus on the future and completely neglect the present. Thorough estate planning is of little value if your assets are at considerable risk. One unexpected event can result in the loss of many significant assets, taking them out of your estate and denying them to those you care about. At Chhokar Law Group, asset protection is a key component of estate planning. We help you identify and manage whatever risks you may face in order to ensure that your estate planning efforts are worthwhile. 

Careful Estate Planning Can Minimize Your Tax Liability

Estate Tax, Gift Tax, and Generation-Skipping Tax can have a significant impact on the value of your estate. An experienced estate planning attorney will know what tax planning strategies can benefit you and help you seamlessly integrate them into your estate plan. This way, there are no unpleasant surprises for you or your family when it comes time to administer your estate.

Careful Estate Planning Can Make Sure Your Children Are Cared For 

Your estate plan can provide for the care of your minor children in the event of the unexpected. We can help you structure your estate plan to make sure they receive the level of love and care you want for them. Your estate planning attorney can revise your estate plan as they grow older so that you are confident that they will be provided for if you cannot. 

Careful Estate Planning Can Provide for Those with Special Needs

Similarly, if you have a child or even an adult dependent with special needs, sound estate planning can ensure that they are cared for after you are gone. This can involve some careful consideration of who would be best suited to care for them and what their future needs may be. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you work through this process. 

Careful Estate Planning Can Address Your Long-Term Care Needs and End-of-Life Decisions

Our healthcare needs increase as we get older, and unfortunately, long-term care can be very expensive. If you do not plan for your long-term care needs, the cost can deplete the value of your estate. Difficult end-of-life decisions often need to be made, making this situation even more challenging. Incorporating these issues into your estate plan can protect your estate’s value and make this process far easier for your family. 

A Hands-On Approach Built on a Personal Relationship

Estate planning is unavoidably personal. It involves a deep dive into your finances, family situation, goals, and, in general, those most important to you. To ensure that your estate plan meets your needs and offers the protection it should, we take a hands-on approach with every client. Our goal is to build a personal and long-term relationship with each client so that we can continue serving them as they go through life, adjusting their estate plan. 

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